Special Operations


P: (336) 229-3129
F: (336) 229-3199

The Special Operations Unit consists of the Vice/Narcotics Section and is part of the Criminal Investigations Division of the Police Department.  This division is under the command of
Captain Brett Taylor

The Vice/Narcotics Section investigates vice, drugs, and organized crime offenses. These investigations are generated by citizen contacts, Crimestoppers reports, and officer-initiated activities.

While the Vice/Narcotics Section often concentrates on mid-level and major drug investigations, its investigators also address street-level drug cases, prostitution offenses, and nuisance abatement cases. The Unit also assists other divisions within the Police Department as needed, providing technical support, surveillance, and undercover investigative capabilities.
 Citizens can report their complaints through the Burlington Connected tip line at (336)222-5024 or online at the Burlington Connected section of the city website.

The Burlington Police Department encourages citizens to contact the Department when they have information concerning drugs, gangs or other criminal activities. This information can be forwarded by calling the Police Department at (336) 229-3500 or by calling Alamance County-Wide Crimestoppers at (336) 229-7100. You need not reveal your identity.

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