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The Burlington City Council will conduct a public hearing on Tuesday, June 2, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. at its virtual meeting via Zoom platform to consider public comments on the proposed amendment to the 2019-2020 Annual Action Plan for its Community Development Program.  Comments for the public hearing can be emailed to and will be accepted until 5:00pm, June 2, 2020, or you may join the meeting in Zoom by following this link:; or join the meeting by phone:  1-646-558-8656 Webinar Meeting ID: 826 6051 4761. Callers will press *9 to raise a hand to speak and will be called on by the Mayor during the public hearing.  In the event this public hearing is re-scheduled, notification will be provided.


The amendment would allow for:

  • The use of CDBG-CV19 as an additional funding resource in the 2019-2020 Annual Action Plan, and;
  • The use of CDBG-CV funds for Public Services (Emergency Assistance Payments for Rent/Mortgage/Utilities; Homelessness Operations; Other Activities that will prevent, prepare for, or respond to COVID-19) and Microbusiness Disruptions due to the coronavirus (forgivable microenterprise loans).

Citizens and interested parties are encouraged to examine and submit written comments on the proposed amendment to the 2019-2020 Annual Action Plan.  The Plan and the amendment are available for public review from May 25-June 1, 2020 on the Planning and Community Development Department website at:  A paper copy of the amendment and the Plan will also be on display in the Planning & Community Development Department at 425 S. Lexington Ave.  For questions, please call 336-222-5094.

The City of Burlington will provide reasonable accommodations, auxiliary aids and services for any qualified disabled person interested in attending the public hearing.  To request the above, you may call Morgan Lasater at (336) 222-5073 (Voice) or (336) 229-3107 (TDD) seven days before the date of the public hearing.

Proposed CDBG-CV Amendment

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