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The City of Burlington annually receives funds for two federal programs, the Community Development Block Grant Program and the HOME Investment Partnerships (HOME) Program. Burlington also administers the HOME Program funds received by Alamance County. The City has prepared a DRAFT of the 2019 Annual Action Plan of its Community Development Program Consolidated Plan proposing the use of these program funds. The proposed budget is subject to change without notice. Estimated federal, state and local funds for these programs and proposed activities and expenditures are as follows, based upon the CDBG allocation amount and the estimated HOME percentage:

Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program

Estimated Revenue:

2019 CDBG Funds $465,963

Program Income 75,000

CTP Affordable Housing 65,000

Total Estimated Revenue: $605,963

Proposed Expenditures:

Housing Rehabilitation (Program Income) 75,000

Construction Training Program (CTP Affordable Housing) 65,000

Business Façade Program 90,000

Ralph Scott Lifeservices Upgrades 32,585

North Park Phase 2B 110,330

Burlington Development Corporation 10,000

North Park Library 10,000

Serenity Home Program- Allied Churches 25,000

Youth Center CityGate Dream Center Services 10,000

Youth Center CityGate Dream Center Upgrades 55,000

Residential Treatment Services 10,000

Exchange Club Family Center 10,000

Creative Directions Workforce Development Program 10,000

Relocation 5,000

Administration 88,048

Total $605,963

City of Burlington HOME Program

Estimated Revenue:

HOME Program Funds $184,129

Program Income 25,000

Construction Training Program (CTP) Funds 65,000

Total $274,129

Proposed Expenditures:

Owner-Occupied Housing Rehabilitation $163,096

CTP Housing Activities 65,000

CHDO Project Assistance 27,620

Administration 18,413

Total $274,129

Alamance County HOME Program

Estimated Revenue:

HOME Program Funds $69,364

Program Income 15,000

Local Funds 13,006

Total $97,370

Proposed Expenditures:

Homeowner Housing Rehabilitation $80,029

CHDO Set-Aside 10,405

Administration 6,936

Total $97,370

The City of Burlington and Alamance County are members of a consortium of local governments receiving federal HOME Program funds. Consortium members are the Cities of Greensboro and Burlington, and Counties of Guilford and Alamance. Comments on planned uses of HOME funds may be submitted to the City of Burlington or to the City of Greensboro as Lead Entity of the Consortium.

Citizens and interested parties are encouraged to examine and submit written comments on the proposed 2019 Annual Action Plan. The comment period begins April 18, 2019 and ends May 20, 2019. Copies of the Plan will be available for public review, starting on April 18, 2019, in the Burlington Planning and Community Development Department, 425 South Lexington Avenue, Burlington, North Carolina from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Comments can also be mailed to the Planning and Community Development Department.

Amy Nelson

Planning Director

City of Burlington

Publication Date: April 18, 2019

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