Name the Trails Contest

Burlington Recreation and Parks is excited to announce the completion of trail improvements and new way finding signs at Town and Country Nature Park. The trails include two loop trails and a linear trail that connects the park to the Haw River Trail Paddle Access. The park consist of about 1.5 miles of trail that meanders through the forest and along the Haw River.

Now is the chance for you to be involved in this exciting time at Town and Country Nature Park by participating in our Name the Trails Contest. The winners will receive a Burlington Recreation and Parks “RKRE8” t-shirt. You are encouraged to visit Town and Country Nature Park to hike the trails prior to submitting your trail name suggestions.
Participation rules and guidelines are as follows: 
  • Suggested names may be submitted either: 
    • Via web: submit your trail names now
    • Via U.S. Mail: Name the Trails Contest
                             Burlington Recreation and Parks
                             PO Box 1358
                             Burlington, NC 27216 
      Submissions submitted by U.S. mail must contain the suggested names for each trail, date of submission, and the name, address, and telephone number of the entrant.
    • In-person at the Recreation and Parks administrative office located at:
      1333 Overbrook Rd. Burlington, NC 27215
  • Suggested names must be received on or before December 21, 2016 for consideration.
  • Suggested names must meet the following requirements:
    • Must not be more than two (2) words, excluding the word “trail”
    • Must not be the name of a person
    • Must not be vulgar in name, meaning, or suggestion.

Entries will be reviewed by the Burlington Recreation and Parks staff for final determination of the trail names. The names will be announced on Wednesday, January 18, 2017. If more than one entry is received for the selected name, the entry first received will be considered the winner. This contest does not create a requirement that any of the names submitted are selected. In the event no acceptable name is submitted, the contest will end without a winner selected.



Contact the Outdoor Program Coordinator at:
(336) 222-5135 or by email.