Community Appreciation

Our community shows their appreciation for the Burlington Police Department in many ways.  Below are just some examples of the kind words and  thoughtful acts shared with the department or specific members to show the support and involvement we have with our citizens.
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Kudos and Congratulations to Officer Brian Famer for doing an awesome job!

A card was dropped off at the desk for Officer Brian Farmer to thank him for his professionalism and extreme kindness during the other day when A citizen had a heart attack at a local restaurant.  Officer Farmer arrived as EMS personnel were trying to revive the patron.  According to Mr. S’s daughter Officer Farmer stayed with her mom during the whole time and while he comforted her, he also made certain to shield Mrs. S from witnessing the revival attempts on her husband. The professionalism, kindness & humane treatment that was rendered to her mother during the sad and tragic incident will never be forgotten by the family members.





Dear Chief Smythe, On behalf of the Alamance Pride Board, I sincerely thank you and the entire Burlington Police Department for, frankly, keeping us safe.  The annual Alamance Pride Festival is obviously very important to the community and we feel protected and supported by you and your officers.  What a wonderful thing for you to do! Sincerely, L.K.

Found on our Facebook page: 
Just a little note to say, "Merry Christmas" and thank you to the Burlington Police Department" for all you do on a daily bases for all of us in Burlington. Your dedication, devotion and hard work does not go unnoticed, and your professionalism is outstanding. We continue to keep you in our prayers daily for your safety and protection. As many family's are celebrating Christmas and New Year's many of you will be working and away from your family and loved ones protecting all of us and our communities so we all can have a safe holiday. We thank you all so very much and may God bless each of you and protect you daily in 2017.
Pen Pal Project:
Burlington Police Department, I want to personally thank you for what all of you have done.  I appreciate the time and thought you put into the letters that were written.  My kids loved receiving letters every Thursday.  They also became more excited and comfortable with writing.  I hope that you guys will consider doing this project at other schools and with other students. Thank You K.B.

 Ms. J. C. sent us a message on Fb, " Praying for each and every one of you every day.  Thank you for all you do.  May God encampment his "special Angel's" around each one of you as you do your job both on and off the clock."


Found on our Fb page

I would like to extend my gratitude and appreciation for the officers who provided security during our Conservative Christian Rally this morning on Lexington Ave. As always each of them were polite and courteous and truly made us feel safe. We appreciate the jobs that each of you do. May God bless each and everyone of you!

OCTOBER 2016   

    "I just wanted to drop an email stating how great the officers during the emergency evacuation at The Colony Friday evening when my neighbors apartment had a fire.  The officers were so nice and even gave her daughter a teddy bear.  I know that is protocol but still you're officers were amazing and made sure all of us in the building were safe.  Thank you for the commitment your officers gave regarding our safety.
Thank you", Marlene,

Ms. Katherine A called the front desk to give a special "Thank You" to the police officers (she did not get their names) that assisted her in the changing of her flat tire.  Ms. A got off the highway and parked near Maple and I-40 with the tire problem.

The staff at Blue Ribbon and Village Grill wish to express their thanks to the Police Department for their service to the Community.

 September 2016
Thank You card from a bereaved family;
"I would like to thank to two officers Mr. Carley Swiggett and Mr. Winston Meadows for that awesome job they did on the 5th of September, when our father was laid to rest. Thanks"

has bought us not 1, not 2, but 3 trays of Chick-fil-A chicken, tea, lemonade & cookies.  This 

is the second time Ms.  Faye has bought the BPD food for our police officers.  She stated that after what happened last night in Charlotte she wanted to make sure that our police officers knew that they were appreciated. 
   Thank You Ms. Faye!

To one of the staff in our records department – “ Thank You so very much for all your help in trying to find information on my purse. God Bless you … and keep all safe.” -- Kathryn 
 It is our pleasure to assist you Ms. Kathryn!


“Thank You to all of the Alamance County EMS, Fire Department and Law Enforcement for risking your lives to save ours.  We as a community really appreciate all the hard work and effort you all put into your jobs to keep our country alive, fireproof and street safe.  Law Enforcement officers do not pull you over because they don’t like you, they pull you over because you did something wrong. Law enforcement officers do not go to work just to do their job, they go to work because they want to help make their community a better place and keep criminals off the streets.” “…They go to work every day and may not return home to their families.  They do their jobs for us, and that’s why we as the youth should thank each one for all of the hard work and for risking their lives to keep our home a better place.”  


   From the Youth of the Center for Community Based Relations 

 You are so welcome, maybe you will also one day consider a career in law enforcement!


I wanted to contact you in regards to a traffic stop that occurred Friday, September the afternoon. While making my way home from work on Mebane street I unfortunately lost track of my speed.... I traveled through a laser radar and was quickly stopped by Officer Boyles at the next intersection.... I had little to say in my own defense, as it was my own carelessness that resulted in the stop... but Officer Boyles actions epitomize the position of Police Officer. During our brief interaction Officer Boyles was polite and tactful, but stern enough to get the point driven home. He is a role model for new officers to learn from and study. At any rate, please pass on my gratitude and regards to the officer. Thank you"
Thank You for the time you took to write, Drive safely!


Ms. Chrystal dropped off 4 boxes of Krispy Kreme donuts for the officers and staff!

Our collective sweet tooth thanks you Ms. Chrystal! Yum!

“As I was driving to Burlington this afternoon to meet some friends for a late lunch my tire blew as I was driving down interstate 85. I pulled over frantically thinking what am I going to do. I looked up in my rear view mirror and saw a Burlington K-9 officer behind me. He offered to change my tire and put on the spare and send me about my way. When we opened the trunk to my dismay there was no spare tire or tools to change it! The officer then found the nearest tire store which happened to be Firestone. He drove me to Firestone to get the tools to change the tire which they graciously let us borrow. Once we got back to my car, he took off the blown tire. We returned to Firestone for them to put the new tire on my rim. We then went back to my car for him to put the tire back on. He went above and beyond the call of duty today to help me when I needed it and I can't thank him enough!”
You are so welcome, this is another fine example of our officers' caring for the citizen's of our community!


 Our thanks to Olive Garden for Catering Lunch for the Department!


August 2016  

“To the Burlington Police! (SWAT) But all of you!  Thank you so much for making our street safer!!  You all Rock!!  I have the utmost respect for all of you!!”  
You have our respect as well!


  A citizen called Administration to say “thank you” to all the police officers that have assisted her and arrested her when she was driving under the influence.  This person is celebrating one full year of sobriety and she is very happy and proud of her accomplishment.  She wanted to call to let the department know how appreciative she was of the times our officers have had encounters with her and she was treated with professionalism and respect.
Congratulations and continued success!


 JULY 2016

American National Bank and Hursey's BBQ teamed up to deliver lunch AND dinner to our staff.  They served up over 130 meals to show their appreciation for Law Enforcement! 
Our thanks for the wonderful meals!
Walmart on S. Graham Hopedale Rd sent over 2 fresh baked cakes as an expression of appreciation for the men and women of the Burlington Police Department.
Thank You to the Walmart staff!

"Thinking of all of our officers during this scary time. We appreciate all you do for our community!" - Ann sent from iphone
Thank You for thinking of us Ann!

 15 Young ladies from the Champions in Motion/Burlington Cheer in collaboration with Biscuitville, arrived one morning at the Burlington PD with biscuit for our officers!
Great way to start off our day, thank you!

"Dear Chief Smythe and all officers, We wanted to express our sincere support.  We pray for you all, for wisdom, patience and above all safety. Sincerely A, S J and M"  from a local family
Thank You for your kind words and prayers!



From our Feedback Page

I want to express my sincere appreciation to all the officers of our city of Burlington. Prior to moving to Burlington 5 years ago I was in the volunteer fire service and I worked with numerous police agencies. They always were a great bunch to work with during fire investigations and accident investigations. I have had several interactions with the Burlington Police Department and never once was a police officer discourteous towards me. You truly are a great bunch protecting us. A police officers job was very difficult before the opinions changed and I can hardly image how hard it would be for officers to put on their uniforms each day knowing there is such hatefulness out on the streets. It troubles me to see the actions against police in this Country. I pray for the safety of each and every officer here in Burlington and actually everywhere. I proudly light a blue light outside my house every night to let the officers patrolling my street know I care for them. I wish there was more I could do to help you. Be safe out there. Sincerely Tom